Functional MRI has become a well established tool now for clinical investigations, since its demonstration first time in 1991, by Ogawa. A lot of signal processing and image processing methods have been developed to carry out pre and post processing of fMRI data. The clinical applications have been growing. There are a number of applications in neuroscience. Investigating the cognitive neuroscience, quantifying the psychology are some of the important issues, in addition to surgical planning and brain mapping.

This course on fMRI is aimed at covering the basics, signal and image processing in fMRI and clinical applications as well with a specific emphasis on cognitive science.


Venue: IIT Gandhinagar
Dates: Will be announced soon

Topics Covered:

Day 1

fMRI Basics, Technology Trends and Historical milestones: Dr. Ajay V. Deshmukh
Latest developments in fMRI, Dr. Deepak P. Patkar, Nanavati Hospital Mumbai
Cognitive Science and fMRI: Dr. Krishna Miyapuram, IITGN
Clinical Applications of fMRI: Dr. Abhijit Pawar, Nucleus Diagnostics Pune

Day 2

Processing strategies of fMRI data, Dr. Ajay V. Deshmukh
Planning fMRI experiments for cognitive studies: Dr. Krishna Miyapuram
fMRI, Machine Learning and future prospects: Dr. Krishna Miyapuram
Participants and Prerequisites
Masters/Ph.D. Research Scholars/Scientists working on MRI, fMRI, Cognitive Science, Medical or Biomedical Engineers, Radiology or MBBS Students, Faculty members and Professional industry people interested in cognitive Science and fMRI, and Medical Physics, or Biology
(Prerequisites: basic MRI and understanding of MR Images)

Students: Rs. 3000
Medical Practitioners, Faculty, Post-docs, Industry Participants: Rs. 6000


Hostel Accommodation available for outstation candidates on Extra Charges

Once the registration process is complete you would receive a confirmation e-mail. As far as possible avoid the last moment registration.

Maximum Number participants is limited to 150
Important Dates:
Last date of Registration: TBD
Confirmation of Registration: by Email
Coordinator fMRI-2018 : Krishna Miyapuram
Cell:+91 87 58 31 62 32
Phone:079 2395 2446

For Sponsoring Industries (MRI Manufacturers)
The organizers welcome sponsorship for this two day course on fMRI 2018. Interested MRI manufacturers may contact the organizers at

Name: Krishna Miyapuram
Cell Number: +91 87 58 31 62 32