Leslee Lazar

Visiting Faculty


B.Sc Loyola College
M.Sc University of Madras
Ph.D Neuroscience-National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, India
Post Doctoral Fellowship - Harvard Medical School (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre), Boston, USA


I am interested in the cognitive processes underlying design creativity. I aim to integrate the study of design creativity with an empirical research program using the theories and tools of cognitive neuroscience. Specifically, I aim to understand how analogical reasoning, attention and working memory influence the creativity in “ill-structured” design tasks.

My other interest is in communication design. I am working on linking cultural cognition theory of risk perception to perception of scientific information in India. This work could lead to devising better communicating strategies for scientific and medical information. I am also interested in perception of visual narratives, infographics and data representations as I moonlight as a graphic designer, mostly to disseminate scientific issues.




I have conducted research in systems neuroscience for over a decade. I have worked on the functional and anatomical organization of somatosensory and motor cortex, plasticity following spinal cord injuries in, developing a brain-machine interface using neural recordings from primate subject, optogenetic studies in motor system in parkinsonian mice.


  • NeuroDesign
  • Learning and Memory
  • Neural Plasticity


  • Lazar L*, Chand P*, Rajan R, Mohammed H, Jain N. Inputs from the Opposable Thumb are Processed in an Independent Module in Somatosensory Cortex of Macaque Monkeys. (under preparation)
  • Kambi N, Tandon S, Mohammed H, Lazar L, Jain N. Reorganization of the primary motor cortex of the adult macaque monkeys after sensory loss resulting from partial spinal cord injuries. J Neurosci. 2011 Mar 9; 31 (10):3696-3707
  • Tandon S, Kambi N, Lazar L, Mohammed H, Jain N. Large-scale expansion of the face representation in somatosensory areas of the lateral sulcus after spinal cord injuries in monkeys. J Neurosci. 2009 Sep 23; 29(38):12009-19


  • Lazar L, Chand P, Rajan R, Jain N. Electrophysiological and anatomical substrate of digit representation in the primary somatosensory area (area 3b). Society for Neuroscience, 2013
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