Nagireddy Neelakanteswar Reddy

Cognitive Ontology of the Sense of Agency

Research Area: Neurophilosophy, Cognitive Ontology, Sense of Agency

N. Neelakanteswar Reddy is (theoretically) working on the concept of “Sense of Agency” by ontologically analyzing its experimental operationalization as well as findings from psychology and neuroscience literature. He is also interested in (motivated)self-referential processing of humans. He considers himself a theoretical psychologist as well as a philosopher. He often ponders on how insights from psychology, neuroscience and (evolutionary) anthropology can guide personal worldview and public policy. In his free time he watches movies, wanders and wonders in pastures and hills, and finds ultimate bliss in jogging and sleeping.


M.Phil. in Cognitive Science, University of Hyderabad (2010-2012)
M.A. in Philosophy, University of Hyderabad (2008-2010)
M.A (3/4th finished) in Psychology, Andhra University (2006-2007)
B.A. in Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology, Andhra Christian College (2003-2006)