Tony Thomas

Attentional Prioritization and Peri-personal Space

Research Area: Visual Attention and Action, Skill Acquisition, Motor Sequence Learning
Room No: S4-228 | Email:

I am interested in knowing the underlying mechanisms involved in the attentional modulation for those objects appearing near the body. These mechanisms seem to be rather automatic and considered crucial in the efficient visual processing of objects, especially when they are near enough to act upon. My other interests include playing the violin, playing the lawn-tennis and travelling to new places.


M.Phil in Cognitive Science, Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, Hyderabad Central University
M.A. in Applied Psychology, Bharathiar University
B.A. in Psychology, Union Christian College, Mahatma Gandhi University



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  • Thomas, Tony, Kumar, Neeraj and Sunny, Meera M., “The Role of Limb Proximity in Attentional Prioritization”, in International Conference on Cognition, Emotion and Action (CEA- 2013), Ahmedabad, IN, December 6-8, 2013, Poster No. S1- 1.
  • Thomas, T., K.P., Miyapuram, and S. Bapi Raju. 2012, Inter-manual Transfer of Visuo-motor Sequence Learning. XXII Annual Convention of the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP).Bangalore University, Bangalore, India.