MSc. Students 2014

Abhishek Gahatraj holds a Masters degree in Bio Sciences. He is passionate about writing, loves traveling and he is an ardent Manchester United fan. His research interests are in understanding cognitive and neurological basis of decision making.

Physics graduate from St.Xaviers College, Mumbai, Devu is interested in decision making and consumer behavior. She lives by the Calvin and Hobbes philosophy, mostly, and is yet to figure out the ways of life.

Dhruval holds a B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology from DAIICT, Gandhinagar. He prefers fantasy to real life. Likes to study experience, and is looking for a way to manufacture it. And steal it. And plant it.

Haby Koshy Mathew is Physics graduate. He wonders about the futility of life. Excited about language and philosophy of consciousness. A voracious reader of poetry. He enjoys hard metal, stoner rock and psychedelic music. He thinks reductionism is forced upon us by the external reality.
Karthik did his Bachelors in Electronics from MIT, Chennai. He is currently reading everything on his way with the perspective of its relation with Consciousness. One can see him dreaming, watching movies/ blogging in his spare time.

Kishore graduated from University of Hyderabad with Masters in Optometry and Vision Sciences. He is working on a project relevant to action and perception. He is also interested in Vision Science and Visual cognition. He spends his free time watching movies.
Midhula graduated from IIITM-Kerala in Computational Science. Her research interest includes computational neuroscience and information theory. Currently working in movement and motor variability.

Pankhuri has a Bachelors in Psychology. She has drawn towards the intricacies of the network consisting human mind, brain and behavior. With the interest in studying the role of cognition plays in human factors, current projects include studies on Inattentional Blindness and Response Switching.
Rakhi is a Life Science student from Central University of Jharkhand. She is a self sufficient person. A huge sports fan and is nature lover who believes in the delicate ways of nature. Her research interest includes role of plasticity and memory in various cognitive functions.

Vipul Nair is a B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering from NIT Silchar. Currently interested in User Centric Designs & Virtual Reality. Hopes to work in area of AI & HCI. Favourite passtime includes watching movies & documentries, bit of photography & travelling.