What is Brain Awareness Week?


The Brain Awareness week is an annual event celebrated across the world to inform and educate people about the many wonders of the brain in a bid to generate excitement and research amongst youngsters to pursue research in Brain sciences. It spans across 7 days which are riddled with exciting talks, competitions and workshops. The Brain Awareness Week plays a crucial role in generating significant buzz not only amongst potential researchers but even government organizations, advocates, and even several corporations. This virtual edition of the Brain Awareness Week at IIT Gandhinagar promises to be  exciting and engaging with a series of talks, panels, competitions and workshops! Explore the marvels of the brain with us and click below to register for free!

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The speakers will be covering a diverse range of topics ranging from the search for the madness genes to manipulating memories. You can also learn about novel approaches like using songbirds and C. elegans for studying human systems, and using systems neuroscience approach to study motor learning in this exciting series of talks.

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Panels are an opportunity to engage with different perspectives from speakers working in the industry as well as academia. The panels will be covering topics, such as Neuroethics and Neuroscience Education. Through the panel discussions, you can gain insights on how Neuroscience plays a role within the spheres of Ethics and Education

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Brain Awareness Week is hosting a variety of workshops that aim to give all the attendees an opportunity to interact and work with stalwarts from various disciplines in Brain sciences. The workshops enable the participants to get hands-on experience in various aspects of Brain sciences such as, UX/UI and neuroscience and art and neuroscience curriculum for school students. What makes it even more exciting is that these workshops are lined up for you from all across the globe and attendees from all over the world can join to understand the many advances in brain sciences and other allied fields.

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There are two fascinating competitions organized by the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar that will be part of the Brain Awareness week, Junior Research Competition and Stories of Scientists. The Junior Research Competition (mentioned below) will give high school students from class 9 to 12 a chance to present their research on 20th March. Stories of scientists is an innovative competition accepting entries in the form of prose, poetry and art on the life and work of any scientist currently working in the area of Brain Sciences.

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