About Junior RC

Junior Research competition is a Neuroscience research presentation competition for high-schoolers (grades 9 – 12). Students will be given a topic in the area of neurosciences, aligning with their areas of interest (to be indicated at registration). They will prepare a 10 minute long presentation within one week of receiving the topic and present it via live zoom sessions on 20th March 2021,  after which the judges will determine the winning presentation. During the preparation week, students will engage with Masters and PhD students of the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences to resolve subject specific queries. 

Registrations are currently closed. Topics will be shared by 13th March 2021


Rules for Junior RC

Participation Criteria

  1. Only high school students from grade 9 – 12 can participate
  2. You should have a Computer with stable internet connection, webcam and a microphone to participate in the competition
  3. The presentation will be conducted and presented in English
  4. The presentation needs to be made in English
  5. Do not copy – paste content from web and book sources. Any plagiarized content will be disqualified
  6. The presentation should be your own work and not a work of a parent/guardian etc
  7. Students need the consent of their parents or guardian to participate
  8. Students will present on 20th March 2021 from 11 AM to 5 PM IST
  9. Participation facilities
    • Open Forum for discussion
    • Two meetings with IITGN students for preparation of the presentation

Presentation Rules:

  1. The presentation shall be timed and should not exceed more than 10 minutes
  2. Audio and Video files are allowed but they should not exceed 2 minutes in total
  3. The title, thank you and references slide should be included 
  4. Please list your references in the final slide
  5. No restriction on Font, size, colour etc is imposed
  6. Be as creative as possible!


Criteria for Judging:

  1. The relevance and quality of the content
  2. How well the concept is explained and presented
  3. Creativity 

Registrations are currently closed. Topics will be shared by 13th March 2021