Ishita Arun

Workspace/Office: AB-5/315


Year of Joining: 2021

Research Areas: Tactile Perception, Cognitive Linguistics

I’m interested in understanding human perception, language, and emotions. My current work investigates how language affects other cognitive processes like perception and memory, with a special emphasis on tactile perception. Besides conducting research, I enjoy travelling, reading, and painting.

Educational Background: 

M.Sc. Cognitive Science, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (2018-2020)

B.A.(Hons.) Psychology, Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi (2013-2016)

Professional and Teaching Experience:

Content and Community Lead, Adobe Systems (2016-2018)

Research Work:


Arun, I. & Lazar, L. (2020). Pseudoword verbal labels facilitate tactile texture discrimination in a perceptual learning task (in preparation).

Arun, I. (2019). Understanding the neural basis of motor learning by observation. The Learning Curve, 8, 16–21.


Arun, I. & Lazar, L. (June, 2020). 

Top-down effect of language on perception: verbal tags and tactile perceptual discrimination. Paper presented at Monsoon Brain Meeting, India.

Arun, I. & Husain, S. (2019). Can Reducing Encoding Interference Improve Predictions During Sentence Processing, presented at Sixth Annual Conference of the Association for Cognitive Science 2019, BITS Pilani Goa, December 2019.


Arun, I. & Lazar, L. ( 2021). Verbal labels improve tactile texture discrimination ability. Poster presented at Seventh Annual Conference of the Association for Cognitive Science 2021 (Online), January 2021.

Arun, I. & Lazar, L. (July, 2020). Verbal labels improve discrimination of natural textures using active touch. Poster presented at FENS Virtual Forum 2020, Glasgow, UK.

Arun, I. (2019). The effect of dominance of hand on a motor computer interface task, presented at 29th Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) 2019, Pondicherry University, December 2019.