Sohhom Bandyopadhyay


Office: AB 5/315 | Email:

My current research is focused on understanding the interaction between Active Noise Control (ANC) headphones and human auditory system. These devices create an ‘anti-sound’ which destructively interferes with ambient low-frequency noise and thereby prevents it from reaching the eardrum. From studies on simultaneous masking, we know quite a bit about the effect of adding noise on human audition. However, the effect of attenuating noise on audition is unexplored in the psychoacoustics literature. By exploring this avenue, similar to hearing aids, ANC headphones could also become a rich source of information on the kinds of information the ear and brain extracts and processes from sound. For instance, we already have evidence from normal hearing listeners that ANC improves the ability to detect amplitude modulation, which has wide implications in terms of speech perception.

In the past, I have studied the use of keystroke dynamics as a behavior based biometric. I am also involved in exploring applications of machine learning, graph theory and natural language processing to understand practical issues related to human cognition and behavior from various angles.

Educational background:

  • MSc in Cognitive Science from Center for Cognitive Science at IIT Gandhinagar (2015-2017)
  • BSc (hons) in Computer Science from University of Calcutta (Scottish Church College) (2012-2015)

Links: LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, blog