MSc in Cognitive Science

Link for more information about application process for MSc cognitive Science admissions at IIT Gandhinagar 2019-20

The objective of the Master’s program is to offer students from different backgrounds, breadth of knowledge and research techniques in a wide range of areas in Cognitive Science. The MSc program will follow a structure of four semesters and registration during the summer in between. The total credits required for graduation would be eighty. Basic framework of the curriculum will include the core courses, electives and a research project. List of representative courses are the following.

Foundations of Cognitive science | Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology | Computational models of Cognition | Philosophy of Mind |Biology of Neural & Cognitive Processes |Cognition & Emotion | Perception & Experience | Attention and Perception | Human Computer Interaction & Affective Computing | Learning & Decision making | Computational Neuroscience | Neuroimaging Methods | Introduction to Paleoneuropsychology | Cognition and Culture – Anthropological Perspectives on the Human Mind | Learning and Memory | Behavioural Economics

The MSc program places strong emphasis on both course work and research project. The Research project is compulsory for the award of an MSc degree. It is expected that the thesis project will result in high quality scholarly publications and national and international conference presentations.

Please refer MSc Admission 2020 for more information on the application procedure and general institutional requirements of MSc program.