Frequently Asked Questions regarding MSc Cognitive Science program

What is the fee structure for the MSc Cognitive Science Program?

Please click here for the fee structure.

What kind of scholarship/ financial assistance is provided for the MSc Cognitive Science program?

Please visit the MSc Admissions page under ‘Financial Support’ or visit here to know about financial assistance other than the monthly stipend.

I am facing technical difficulties in my application submission. What do I do?

Some issues get resolved by using browsers like Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If the issue persists, please email us at Please specify your application number, name, date of birth and screenshots of issue faced in your email.

Where can I access detailed information regarding courses?

Please refer to the following page PROGRAMS – Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences to know about the core and elective courses offered in the cognitive science masters program.

Is the entrance test the same as the COGJET?

No. IIT Gandhinagar holds a separate examination for its MSc Cognitive Science program. Please apply using the application portal: IITGN – PG Admission

How do I download my application?

You can download and check your submitted application form by following the steps given below:

  1. Login into and click on PG National Application.
  2. Here, on the left panel, you will find the “Manage Application” link
  3. Click on this link, it will redirect you to the application list page. You can see your submitted application on the list. Click on Download to have your submitted application.

Is there a syllabus for the entrance test?

There is no syllabus for the entrance test, however a basic understanding of cognitive science would be useful. 

Do people with distance degrees (bachelors from IGNOU), meet the Minimum eligibility criteria?

You are eligible to apply if you meet the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned here.

Can I make any sorts of corrections after submission? (Complete name change, date of birth).

No. Corrections cannot be made after submission. You may submit another application form with the correct details.

Can I apply to both the MSc Cognitive Science and MA in Society and Culture?

Yes, you can apply to both the programs. There are two separate portals for application

MSc Cognitive Science: 

Link to know more about the program:

Link to apply:

In Society and Culture:

Link to know more about the program:

The exams will be held at different timings

I have submitted multiple applications due to portal error. Which application shall be considered?

If you have submitted multiple applications, we will consider the most recent application only. 

Can a GATE qualified candidate avail GATE scholarship during MSc Cognitive Science?

No. You will receive Rs 5000 as scholarship.

My Bachelor’s marks are < 55%, but my Masters > 55%: Can I apply?

The minimum bachelor’s score has to be 55% or above.