Panel Discussion

Neuroethics and AI in the global context

5:50 – 6:50 PM IST, 17 March 2021

Moderator : Jayashree Dasgupta (Samvedna Senior Care)

Speakers : Philipp Kellmeyer (University of Freiburg), Laura Specker Sullivan (Fordham University), Laura Cabrera (Pennsylvania State University)

Neuroscience, Technology and Education – the new equilateral triangle in education?

5:00 – 6:30 PM, 19 March 2021

Speakers : Nandini Chatterjee Singh (UNESCO MGIEP), Gregoire Borst (University of Paris)

About the session: Educational neuroscience is an emerging exciting new field which seeks to link basic research in neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science, with educational technology. In this sessions two scientists and a teacher will discuss the need to form a new ecosystem where
scientists, technologists and teachers need to come together to transform education.

The session will start with two short presentations wherein Nandini and Gregoire will highlight examples of how neuroscience has led to an understanding of how the brain learns, the relevance of this learning to
education specially teachers and the role of technology in implementing such learning and understanding. This will be followed by a panel discussed moderated by Kriti and Mayank, two budding young scientists at MGIEP with Gregoire, Nandini and a school teacher on how neuroscience can be brought to classrooms through the aid of technology and can impact major aspects of education, such as pedagogy,
curriculum and individual differences in learning.