MSc. Students 2019

AnjanaAnjana C. Palat

Anjana holds a Bachelor's Degree from Bangalore University, with a triple major in Psychology, Economics, and Sociology. Her research interests lie in developmental neuroscience, computation, and disorders of the mind. She also has an affinity towards graphic designing and science communication.

CarenCaren Felicia

Caren is a Psychology graduate from WCC, Chennai, who holds part-time consulting services for serial killers. On days when she is not romancing scientific literatures, Caren writes poetry and does zen colouring. She wanted to build a time-machine under Dr Doofenshmirtz, and so started learning and working on time dilation and motion from the best here. Buy her a filter coffee and Caren will always be in for a debate on scientific ethics and free will.

KratikaKratika Mujmer

Kratika holds a B.Sc. honors degree in Cell & Molecular Biology from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Still a biologist at heart, she hopes to explore cellular events affecting higher-level cognitive processes, especially the role of non-neuronal cells. When not at work, she can either be found reading a nice mystery-thriller or heading to the nearest coffee spot, almost always with her trusty earphones.

MeenamMeenam Pious

Meenam holds a Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from RSET, Kerala. Cycling on the roads less travelled by, dancing in dark rooms, and writing stories are some of her favourite pastimes. You can also find her having long chai breaks pondering the unlikely. Her research interests include abnormal psychology, emotions, and creativity.

NashraNashra Ahmad

Nashra Ahmad has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University, and is also a musician by passion. She has her feet in many boats as she likes to sing, play guitar, paint, sculpt, and write blogs in her free time. Her research interest lies in understanding the cognitive aspects of music (field popularly known as 'music cognition'). She is always keen on collaborating with interested individuals from different fields to explore her research ideas.

NikitaNikita Anil Kumar

Nikita has a BA in Psychology from Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts. She can be generally found reading a book while drinking a cup of coffee. Currently, her research interests lie in perception, with a focus on tactile perception.

PalakPalak Sharma

Palak has done her bachelor's in Psychology from Fergusson college, Pune. Her areas of interest are tactile perception, gestalt grouping, creativity, and embodied cognition. In her free time, she likes listening to music, watching YouTube videos, sketching, and photography. You can find her on campus stalking birds and animals or having tea.

RithwikRithwik Narayanan

Rithwik is a curious guy, who is on a "quest" to better understand the human mind. He holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Delhi university. He is an avid reader and enjoys most forms of written and visual arts. He is also a musician and audiophile. His research interests are cognitive linguistics, the simulation theory, human decision making, human-computer interaction, and music cognition.

SanyaSanya Jain

After exploring human nature from the triangle of observable behaviors, underlying neuronal substrates, and molecular mechanisms, Sanya is bubbling with the desire to communicate findings that advance our knowledge of the human psyche with the larger community. She also wishes to understand how people make decisions under a variety of circumstances and what could be done to persuade them to opt for better ones. When not fixated on research papers, Sanya derives a high from dancing to the beats of Bollywood songs and watching SRK videos.

SriranjiniSriranjani Manivasagam

A genetic engineer from SRM University, Chennai, Sriranjani is interested in the evolutionary origins of human cognition. She is intrigued by the cultural diversities of the world and loves traveling. She is an ardent reader who enjoys fiction and non-fiction.

TharanTharan Suresh

Tharan studied Clinical Neurophysiology from CMC, Vellore, and is fascinated by human movement. He spends time in the open, either playing sports or admiring sunsets. On most nights, you can find him poking fun at his friends near Tea Post.

UtharaUthara Hari

Uthara holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication and is passionate about human behavior. She enjoys watching anime, reading fantasy novels, and wondering about the world. Most often, you can find her scrolling through pictures of adorable cats.

VaishnaviVaishnavi Sivaprasad

Vaishnavi is currently working on curiosity and motivation science. She hopes to use theories of cognition to study how to make learners more motivated and aims to apply it to the field of education. When not studying, Vaishnavi is likely to be found writing poetry, singing, painting, or watching movies.

VikramVikram Singh Negi

Vikram is a Psychology graduate with an interest in sport science, neurorehabilitation, and perception. He occassionaly misses hiking in the mountains. Vikram enjoys conversations, music, food, and football.
VikramBukunmi Adewumi

Bukunmi is a digitally astute marketing enthusiast with an unwavering interest in business research. He holds a BSc. in Psychology from Ekiti State University, Nigeria. His interests are neuromarketing, eCommerce, and business analytics within the purview of cognitive science.