Webinar 1 in the Seminar on Robotics for rehabilitation and elderly care seminar series

Prof Sunil Agrawal, Professor, Columbia University, USA on 11 January 2021

Abstract: Neural disorders and old age limit the ability of humans to perform activities of daily living. Robotics can be used to probe the human neuromuscular system and create new pathways to characterize, relearn, or restore functional movements. Dr Agrawal’s group at Columbia University Robotics and Rehabilitation (ROAR) Laboratory has designed innovative technologies and robots for this purpose. These technologies have been tested on subjects in a variety of studies to understand the human cognitive and Speaker Bio neuro-muscular response. Human experiments have targeted patients with stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Vestibular disorders, elderly subjects and others. The talk will provide an overview of some of these technologies and scientific studies performed with them.

Recording is available below: