The department offers PhD, MSc, and Minor programs in Cognitive Science.

PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

PhD program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences offers the students an opportunity to conduct research in different domains such as Mind Perception, Curiosity

MSc in Cognitive Science

Cognitive and Brain Sciences are interdisciplinary field with applications in a number of fields like medical neuroscience, neural prosthetics, development of Artificial Intelligent Systems …

Minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences is offered to undergraduate students in engineering disciplines. The objective of the minor program is to…

Student Life at IITGN

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar focuses on the holistic growth of each student by offering opportunities to participate in multiple activities on campus. IITGN recognizes the need for extracurricular activities and its role in the welfare of the students as they develop leadership skills and understand the core values of life through participation in various clubs, sports, and cultural activities.

The institute believes in being an involved member of the community and engaging with it by encouraging its students to participate in activities for social welfare through NYASA that supports and provides educational opportunities to the children of migrant construction workers and NEEV that empowers grassroots communities through workforce development, with a focus on entrepreneurship and skills training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access detailed information regarding courses?

Please refer to the following page PROGRAMS – Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences to know about the PhD, Masters and Minor programs offered by the centre. 

Is there a syllabus or any reading material that we can use in our preparations for the masters entrance?

There is no specified syllabus for the written test. It is designed for students from diverse backgrounds of undergraduate education to be able to attempt. 

Is the GATE score considered for the admission?

No, the selections are decided upon the written test and interviews only.

What are the facilities available on campus for students?

We have multiple facilities on campus for students, from cultural groups to engagement through sports. Please see this page for details regarding facilities. Please also visit for information on clubs at IITGN.