MSc Students 2020

Aadishree Dixit

Curiosity, learning, creativity, language, and social cognition

Aarthi M

Neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, personality and sleep disorders

Abhinanda Dash

Social Cognition, Political Psychology and Embodied Cognition

Ananya Sankarambadi

Virtual Reality-based Neural Rehabilitation, Psychometry, Embodied Cognition

Alpha Zenith Topno

Neuroscience, Learning and memory, Multilingualism.

Apoorva Sharma

Sensory-motor adaptation and integration, Neurodegenerative disorders, Neuroplasticity

Athira Kottayi

Perception, learning, neuroplasticity, and, psychedelic and consciousness research.

Devangshu Nandi

Sensorimotor Adaptation, Learning, NCC, Fear

Divya Kundani

Age related differences in Consumer behaviour

Jeeva Muthukkumar

Visual Attention and Human Computer Interaction

Khushi Jain

Animal Cognition, Neuroscience of Emotion and Communication, Evolution

Madhumita Mahali

Neuropsychology, Cognitive Development, Neurocognitive Disorders, Plasticity, Artificial Intelligence

Praneeta Taranekar

User Experience, Consumer Behavior and Decision making

Shraddha Matkar

Cognitive Control, Emotion-Cognition Interactions, Neuroaesthetics.

Simran Tapaswi

Continental Philosophy, especially 20th Century French Philosophy, Feminist and Queer Theory, Ethics.

Tanisha Arya

Emotions Cognition, Psychiatric Disorders, Brain Human Interface, Brain Imaging

Uzma Sarwat

Cognitive Literary Science, Social Cognition, Neurological Disorders, Perception, Emotion


Learning, Memory, Animal Cognition, Philosophy of Science, 4E and computational oriented approaches to studying cognition.