Minor in Cognitive Science

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Minor in Cognitive Science is offered to undergraduate students in engineering disciplines. The objective of the minor program is to facilitate the richer appreciation of cognitive functions (learning, reasoning, planning, creativity, and decision making among others), research methods and experimental techniques (behavioral, psychophysical, psychophysiological, neuroscientific, and computational). The minor in Cognitive Science would be a live example of how the research and teaching in Natural Sciences, Engineering and Humanities and Social Sciences could be complementary to each other.

Following are some of the courses, which could be counted towards a minor in Cognitive Science.

Foundations of Cognitive science | Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology | Computational Models of Cognition | Philosophy of Mind | Biology of Neural & Cognitive Processes | Cognition & Emotion | Perception & Experience | Human Computer Interaction | Affective Computing | Learning & Decision making | Computational Neuroscience | Neuroimaging Methods | Introduction to Paleoneuropsychology | Cognition and Culture – Anthropological perspectives on the Human Mind

There could be courses which would be added to this list as and when they are available. Additionally, students may also have an opportunity to do a project-based course (worth 4 credits) with any of the faculty members working in the area of Cognitive Science at IITGN.