Frequently Asked Questions

  • Courses FAQ

    • Where can I access detailed information regarding courses?

    Please refer to the following page PROGRAMS – Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences to know about the core and elective courses offered in the cognitive science masters program.

    • Is there a PhD program in Cognitive Science?

    Yes, please check the Programs section.

    • Is there an option for a joint MSc-PhD or Integrated MSc-PhD program at IIT-GN?

    There is no provision for a joint MSc-PhD program currently, however you may apply for a PhD in Cognitive Science after completing your MSc degree.

    • What are the facilities available on campus for students?

    We have multiple facilities on campus for students, from cultural groups to engagement through sports. Please see this page for details regarding facilities. Please also visit for information on clubs at IITGN.

    • What kind of scholarship/ financial assistance is provided for the MSc Cognitive Science program?

    Please visit the MSc Admissions page under ‘Financial Support’ or visit here to know about financial assistance.

    • Is it mandatory to live on campus?

    M.Sc. Cognitive Science at IIT Gandhinagar is a residential program. However, based on the current situation of the pandemic, the classes are being held online.

  • Admission and Application FAQ

    • Is the GATE score considered for the admission?

    No, the selections are decided upon the written test and interviews only.

    • If we do not have a research background, would that affect our application?

    No, you may apply without any research experience. Selection of candidates shall depend on the written test and interview only.

    • Are graduates with an MBBS / BDS DEGREE eligible for a direct PhD?

    Yes, any four-year degree will make you eligible to apply for a PhD.

    • Can I apply for PhD with my Bachelors course of four years?

    Yes, you can apply to the Cognitive Science PhD program after completing any four-year degree.

    • Can I apply for MPhil after this Cognitive Science program?

    No, we do not offer any course that leads to an MPhil degree.

    • I am facing technical difficulties in my application submission. What do I do?

    Some issues get resolved by using browsers like Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If the issue persists, please email us at Please specify your application number, name, date of birth and screenshots of the issue faced in your email.

    • Is the entrance test the same as the COGJET?

    No. IIT Gandhinagar holds a separate examination for its MSc Cognitive Science program.

    • If someone qualities COGJET do they still have to write the entrance test?

    Yes, the candidate must take the online examination conducted by IIT Gandhinagar. The COGJET scores will not be considered for admission.

    • I have qualified the UGC-NET, will that be enough?


    • Do people with distance degrees (bachelors from IGNOU) meet the Minimum eligibility criteria?

    You are eligible to apply if you meet the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned here.

    • My Bachelor’s marks are < 55%, but my Masters > 55%: Can I apply?

    The minimum bachelor’s score has to be 55% or above.

    • How do I download my application?

    You can download and check your submitted application form by following the steps given below:

    1. Login into and click on PG National Application.
    2. Here, on the left panel, you will find the “Manage Application” link.
    3. Click on ‘Download’ to download your submitted application.
    • Can I make any sorts of corrections after submission? (Complete name change, date of birth).

    No. Corrections cannot be made after submission. You may submit another application form with the correct details.

    • Can I apply to both the MSc Cognitive Science and MA in Society and Culture?

    Yes, you can apply to both the programs. There are two separate portals for application and the exams will be held at different timings.

    • I have submitted multiple applications due to portal error. Which application shall be considered?

    If you have submitted multiple applications, we will consider the most recent application only.

    • How do I know if I am selected?

    The status of your application will be updated on the admission portal for the written test and interview. Candidates selected after the interview will be informed via email. The status of the application can be viewed on the admission portal throughout the admission process.

  • Entrance Test FAQ

    • Is there a syllabus or any reading material that we can use in our preparations?

    There is no specified syllabus for the written test. It is designed for students from diverse backgrounds of undergraduate education to be able to attempt.

    • What would be the format of the online exam?

    The format of the online exam will be comprehension based questions with multiple-choice questions.

    • What will be the format of interviews?

    You will be asked questions based on the subjects from your undergraduate courses and questions to test for your aptitude for Cognitive Science. Specifically, if you have done any additional readings on your own or invested effort to learn more about cognitive science.

    • Does a good knowledge of influential research papers help in entrance tests, or is it about verbal ability?

    The written exam is designed to test the aptitude for Cognitive Science. Prior knowledge of the Cognitive Science subjects or English language abilities will not take precedence.

    • What would the time duration for the online examinations be?

    The online exam will take approximately 1.5 hours.

    • If so, what are the system requirements since it is online?

    The candidates must have access to a computer, stable internet connection with a webcam and microphone facility.

    • Are there multiple rounds of interviews?

    No, the candidates shortlisted after the online examination will go through a single round of interview.

    • Which mail ID should I use while registering on Mettl?

    Please use the same email ID which you used while applying.

    • What do I fill in as my enrollment ID when I give the exams on Mettl?

    You may use your application number given in your call letter as the enrollment ID.

    • Which ID card should I submit while taking the test?

    You can use any valid photo-ID card for this purpose.

    • Do I need a working microphone for the exam?

    Yes, please ensure you have a working PC microphone for the exam and interview.

    • I am unable to open a Mettl account. What should I do?

    For taking this entrance test, you do not need to open a Mettl account. Please follow the instructions given in this link.

    • When will I receive the link to the exam?

    You will receive the exam link on the day of the examination.

    • Where to download the admit card for the entrance exam?

    There is no separate admit card for the entrance process. You may keep your application form and call letter with you for your reference. You will receive the exam link on the day of the examination.

    • I have been shortlisted for both the MSc Cognitive Science and MA in Society and Culture entrance exams. Will there be a clash in the exam timings?

    No, both these exams will be held at different timings. The duration of both the tests will be approximately 1.5 hrs.

    • Can I use a mobile phone to give this test?

    No, it is mandatory that you have a PC with a webcam for the entrance processes. Kindly make the necessary arrangements.