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About the Center

  • Research

    IIT Gandhinagar started the Cognitive Science program to foster and sustain academic endeavors in Cognitive Science and resonate with the national interest in the same. The Ph.D. program in Cognitive Science started in fall 2009 and a two-year MSc program in Cognitive Science from Fall 2013.

    The program is spearheaded by a group of faculty members working in the area of Cognitive Psychology, Engineering, Computer Science, and Philosophy. Current active research areas of the cognitive science group include broad areas in Curiosity, Attention, Perception, Decision Making, Motor Control, Robotics, and Rehabilitation.

    Research facilities include behavioural, eye tracking, EEG ERP, and electrophysiological equipment, and relevant software.

  • Programs

    The programs offered to students provide access to a breadth of knowledge and research techniques under the interdisciplinary umbrella of Cognitive Science. The courses develop a strong foundation for students by offering a holistic understanding of the perspectives and approaches to cognition, the brain, and the mind.

  • Events

    We host multiple national and international level events every year to enrich our student’s experience and to foster collaborations. The Centre also hosts events open for the public to engage with. 

  News and Events

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