About the Centre

The Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at IIT Gandhinagar offers cutting edge Masters and PhD programs that equip students with a wide range of perspectives and approaches to cognition, the brain, and the mind. Faculty and students at the centre conduct high-quality research in the areas of Curiosity, Attention, Perception, Decision Making, Motor Control, Robotics, and Rehabilitation.

What is Cognitive Science?

The cross-disciplinary study of human cognition ranging from attention to perception comes under the domain of Cognitive Science. The course draws from disciplines including anthropology, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, computer science to understand the underlying mechanisms of cognitive function.


Admission FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the centre, program and events conducted.

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Programs Offered

The Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences offers masters, doctoral and post-doctoral program in Cognitive Science

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Our Alumni

The Centre is proud to have alumni dispersed across institutions around the world

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