The talk was conducted on 11 November 2020. Dr. Samar Husain from IIT Delhi, covered the following in his talk:

Abstract: “Processing of Subject-Object-Verb (SOV) languages has been argued to involve robust clause-final verbal prediction. Robust verbal prediction and its maintenance has been shown to lead to facilitation during sentence comprehension and has been attributed to the parser’s adaptability to certain typological features (e.g., word order) in such languages. In this talk I will argue that the parser’s adaptability for robust prediction in SOV languages is limited. To this effect, I will provide converging evidence from corpus-based studies, behavioural experiments as well as computation modelling. In particular, I will show that as the nature of preverbal linguistic context becomes complex, comprehension suffers in these languages. This suggests the overarching role of working-memory constraints during sentence comprehension.”